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My name is Kevin Jensen and live in Price, Utah with my wife, son, and dog. I currently work as a pharmacy technician at Fresh Market Pharmacy. I went to school for pre-pharmacy and after five years of school decided to go back to my first love—programming. Now I am seeking an entry level position in web design.

I have been making web pages, web applications, games and other small projects since eighth grade (1996) in various languages and for various platforms. I learned web design and programming mostly on my own reading books and tutorials.

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The Penta Redtail Aviation Ventureware My Blog Bestest Games Back Country Portraits Double Barrel Gun Dogs

The Penta

Januaray 2002—Present

The Penta is the name given to my circle of friends from High School (the Penta because there are five of us). I built this site as an early attempt at social media and to help us stay in contact as we spread across the US.

The first iteration, built in 2002, was hosted on Tripod, and was mostly my friends would submit content to me and I would add it. After neglect for several years, I bought some hosting and a domain name. I spent two weeks cramming PHP and MySQL and was born.

It was a rudimentary content management system. People could login, write content, edit and delete posts, upload files, etc. This system worked well for several years.

September 2013, I decided to move the site to WordPress because updating the rickety CMS was not a priority and WordPress is so slick.

Redtail Aviation

December 2007—February 2012

This site was created for the business my wife works for—Redtail Aviation. They needed a commercial site to advertise their services. I built the site from the ground up. It was prototyped in Photoshop, sliced and then converted to HTML and CSS. The site was initially a site that required manual updates, but in February 2012 the site was converted to a WordPress theme and is now updated frequently by my wife.


January 2009—Present

Ventureware is a joint venture for my wife and myself. We started our own business building web sites and web apps for local businesses. This site is the landing page for that business. It was the first time I used flash on a web site (and the last). I quickly found that everything I wanted to do with the slider could have been achieved with jQuery and CSS.

My Personal Blog

August 2009—Present

I started writing tutorials for Envato and decided that I would like to have a place to publish smaller tutorials for the general public. Like most blogs it is terribly neglected, but it does see between 1,500 and 2,000 visitors each month!

Bestest Games

September 2011—Present

This was a site I created for my friend to showcase his games he developed. The last update in June of 2013 showed a demo of a game he and I worked on for the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge.

The domain name has since expired, but I still host the website.

The site features a slick horizontal scroll (activated using the navigation pane at the bottom of the page) as well as art from the game as the background.

Back Country Portraits

May 2011—Present

This site was developed as a WordPress theme for a local dog breeder. He wanted better advertising to help sell his dogs. He has sold dogs across the US.

Double Barrel Gun Dogs

May 2011—Present

This site was developed as a WordPress theme for a local dog breeder. He wanted better advertising to help sell his dogs. He has sold dogs across the US.

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  • Finalist in Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge
  • Licensed Pharmacy Technician
  • Cal Jewkes Music Award — for excellence in band
  • Eagle Scout Award

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